Who We Are

   Our blog site consists of freelance writers. Some are published authors, some are not. Most are female, some are male. The revelation revealed when we decide to become transparent enough to remove our rank that serve to divide us (social class, age, race, etc) is truly amazing. We all have more in common, than not. We all are here for the purpose of discovery.

   The foundation of knowledge is experience, and experience requires living in purpose. In our existence, we encounter rigorous battles that condition us into purpose. No amount of scholastic preparation equips one for love, heartache, joy, or grief. Through the art of writing, we articulate experience in hope of igniting faith. It is by faith that we stand firm in life.

What We Do

   As women, we often put our wants, needs, and desires aside for the sake of family and career. I've realized that we have great stories to tell, but neglect to pursue our passion of writing for various reasons. Whether it be a lack of time, money, or resources, LP aspires to be that in-between for writers who want to be just that: writers. We publish and distribute fiction and non-fiction stories of spiritual and emotional growth.

   Along with publishing books, we blog. We believe you must possess the passion to love it, acquire faith to pursue it, and have the courage to endure... no matter what your goal is. We write from a place of discernment and victory with the purpose of encouraging all.

Painful Indulgence

   Oh, how my young, single, fickle, delicate heart was yearning for love. I was dying for that attention from a real man, and I thought that almost everyone I came across was real. Time goes by fast; I was on smooth operator number three and realized I'm still alone, still single, still unhappy and still sexing without any attachment. Here I am, the girl who wants the relationship and commitment before sex, but I've allowed these wordsmiths to turn me into the girl who gives sex without the relationshipRead More...

Sex: What Is Wrong With It?

   We have reduced it to merely a physical act, and we have used it as a tool of suppression and control. We have created a mythology around it that regards it as a sin – something dirty, shameful, and evil – even though it is an essential part of our reality and of our identity. The sad part is that we only have ourselves to blame for this, because we are the ones who created the institutions that perpetuate the myth of it as sin, and we are the ones who wield it as a tool of oppression – a physical act of violence in the name of superiority and self-importance. Read More...

Learning to Listen to My Heart

   Once I actually did start to date, I felt an immense amount of pressure, shame, and guilt. It was a combination of my friends’ opinions and the desires of my then-boyfriend. They all wanted me to do more than I wanted to. Every time I said no… every time I stated my desire to wait… I was met with heavy criticism. Eventually, I started to feel that there was something wrong with me. Why couldn’t I be like everyone else? Why did having sex matter so much? Choosing to remain a virgin made me feel like an outsider. Read More...

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