Who Are We?

Lovett Publishing’s mission is to celebrate women. It is our desire to empower others through our transparency and faith. Every individual has a story to tell, and we choose to express our journey through the art of writing. Regardless of race, religion, or politics, we are more alike than not. We hope to create a culture of unity, love, and hope through our stories.

We began as lovettpublishinghouse.com in 2012. After 6 months, we were able to acquire an average of 10,000 visitors per month. After a nasty bidding war over the lovettpublishinghouse.com domain, we are back on track in 2017 and ready to rule the world (the writing/blogging world)! We hope to publish a compilation of our best blog posts at the end of this year, and we will begin publishing books in 2018 for our consistent bloggers who want to take their gift to the next level!

It is our hope that any individual can visit our blog, and take something with them when they go. Whether it’s empowerment, anger, or inspiration, effective writing should make you feel. Our team and topics encourage new bloggers in exploring their writing gift while giving them a platform, and we assist established bloggers with expanding their audience. If you are edgy, transparent, and don’t mind being politically incorrect, please contact us!

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