Bloom From Where You Are

Spring is the perfect time to slow down and consider the things we may have passed through recklessly and, for the sake of a really fun word, oafishly during our New Year’s resolutions.

Winter is the season that can mirror our mind’s frozen context.

This is because we sometimes shut down our creativity and self-motivators in the face of harsh times. It’s our natural survival programming to react to our elements and to do what is necessary in seeking a state of comfort.

In the cycle of nature, a lot has to die if it can’t survive the cold.

Now, from afar, this may sound quite morbid and cynical… But it’s really quite the opposite when given some tender thought and care.

Despite the ruthless forms of winter, nature itself actually understands the cycle of these things. Not only does it understand, it also can appreciate death’s responsibility to this planet.

Even Mother Nature understands death’s importance to the balance of a thriving ecosystem. Not everything that once worked can continue to flow smoothly in the long-term development of one’s evolving emotions.

Spring is a time to examine our own self-development and to determine what is enhancing the things we truly care about. It allows us to let things gracefully die if they don’t serve us wholeheartedly anymore.

An important step in letting things go is that you shouldn’t be mad at a circumstance for what it has given you.

Even if it feels like an event or circumstance has led you to rough plateaus, deep down you know that you couldn’t be as wonderful as you are now without some of those challenges that pushed you over the edge. At some point in your life, you needed to be forced into a choice, pushed over an edge, and knocked through a real-life circumstance to become the person you were meant to be; The person you are today.

The reason that you’re better and not presently defeated is because you survived it!

You survived the harsh winter by getting out of bed even when you wanted to stay in the warmth of those toasty, loyal sheets. You went through tumultuous times in life, and you can thank them for making you stronger than you were yesterday.

The point: Don’t be mad at the things you have to let go dormant inside of you. Death is not innately ugly and letting things go can be more beautiful than holding on.

Gracefully say your peace to it, remove it from your space, and move forward. My hope is that you feel more free and awakened because of its previous presence in your world.

Once you’ve accepted that you need not resent this dying part within you, you can start to focus on your surroundings. There is something undeniable about Spring… Something that allows you to think in a freeing way.

I believe it is because Spring is the perfect metaphor for this change that you can set fire to. It reflects everything that metamorphosis is about.

Perhaps it’s the lighter scent of the season; how sunlight lingers longer in the afternoons, returning after exilement of the insensitive winter. Or maybe it’s the way the world, nature and all, seems to fall back in love with color.

Regardless of any precise reason, this moment in time blossoms with a fresh potential to begin anew – To Rebirth in harmony with nature as it awakens from its long slumber.

I would like to argue that we all go through certain seasons of life where things are extremely busy, and moments where we can genuinely slow down.

These slower hours are when true mindfulness can sneak up on you, and hit you in the weakest and most tender parts of your soul while seeming to know that you are least ready for it.

If you’re one to rarely have a moment alone with your thoughts, this time can hit you like a punch in the face… Seriously!

But if you’re one of the luck few that get to truly utilize the benefits of this pace of life, I’d like to offer some parting tips to get you started in your blooming:

. Explore a new corner of your mind whether it be creative, intellectual, or spiritual. Learn a new language, take up a musical hobby you’ve always dreamt about, or learn how to warp your reality through some graphic design skills.

. Plant a garden! Go to the nursery and get some flowers for adorning your yard, your view, and your life. Start that vegetable garden, or that less-intimidating herb garden, that you’ve always dreamed of! Having something authentically blooming right before your eyes will be the perfect reminder of how time really does move forward to expose the sweetness of the season.

. Have a date with yourself: California wine, dark chili-infused chocolate, rose-scented candles, and maybe even a bubble bath with a rose-scented bath bomb.

. Minimalize your mind’s ecosystem. The environment in your head is what streamlines you towards what you want. You have to learn how to press delete on the parts that aren’t helping you grow into who you want to be. What do you value most in life? Do you get time for the things that mean the most to you? How can you get more? How can you create a reality for yourself to flourish?

. Start a new practice that opens you up to a new world. Whether it’s a deeper look into your family’s heritage, a Sci-Fi fantasy world that you like to escape to, or a trip to a place you’ve never seen in your own town. Find a new way to discover. Something that makes your world feel simultaneously bigger and richer.

. Find a way to change your daily routine. Our minds love novelty. This could mean walking home in a new direction from work or just taking more scenic routes in your community. We get so lost in the routine of our day-to-day grind. Change your surroundings and update your perspective of the world. You’ll find yourself naturally noticing that your thoughts and notions are changing.

Spring’s renewal is upon us loved ones! The heavy-handedness of winter is at rest. And whether you love Winter or not, this is a good thing. Shake off the cobwebs and move forward in the name of self-care, more manifesting, and mirroring nature’s capacity to seek growth.

Cheers to run-on sentences and cheers to spring!

Sending love and light,

Juliet Hillbrand

What’s new with Juliet? “I am working on my craft and self-growth while starting to get my art out into the world. I have a few art shows coming up, then I have the blissful opportunity to travel to Europe while finishing my degree in Communications. Life is beautiful and I hope you always choose love.”

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