Connecting To Destiny

Soul mates indeed exist. As a matter of fact, Sylvia Plath said it best when she said, “We should meet in another life. We should meet in the air, me and you.” Although most poets live in an artistic realm of limitless possibilities, through these words, Sylvia understood the divine dimension of love. This form of love doesn’t revel within the misconstruction of sentimental feelings, but instead, journeys through the hands of fate – sometimes, throughout many lifetimes.

I have fallen in pseudo love many, many, times before. This “love” is usually carefully crafted into a heart of jealousy, insecurity, dishonesty and control, and throughout my years in this plane, I have accepted these common traits when it applied to my love life. Through social construct, paired with a lack of “happily ever after” examples growing up, I embraced the trial and error intricacies of love. But after jumping through the fiery ring of a 7-year marriage, I decided to ask the Universe for help, and one thing is for sure: when you search the crevices of the divinity within, clarity is always revealed.

The clarity I discovered was my soul mate. And up until a few months ago, I had no idea that he even existed or just how intertwined our lives really were all these years – decades even. Surfacely, he’s all too familiar, and it seems as if our journeys have been aligned all this time. We grew up in the same city and went to the same high school. Throughout our adult life, we both married and had four children born in the same months within days of each other. We shared a previous life, and spiritually, he resonates with me unlike no other. In him I see me. My flaws are magnified, and from his presence alone he makes me aware of the areas in need of cultivation so that I can expand into the best version of myself. To possess this ability, unintentionally, is truly a gift. Now, I can’t say that he immediately swept me off my feet nor did my soul mate come in the smooth, dark chocolatey package I once dreamt about, but his essence alone provides me with so much more than the superficial, fuzzy feeling that eventually dies down anyway.

In the juxtaposition of our connection, the frustrated, intense moments get lost in the passion of his touch, his kiss. But don’t get me wrong; this destined union is not an easy one to deal with. It is a tugging force that leaves me no other option than to accompany my ugliest, darkest traits down the road of acknowledgement. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a Mrs. Know-It-All who wants to be right in every aspect of any situation. He doesn’t allow me to get away with it and actually demands of me patience and a listening ear… two things that are simply null and void when the time comes to implement them. And don’t even get me started on the Taurus in me. My stubbornness is enough to outdo any mule’s innate resistance. Simply stated, when we’re together, I am exposed, and he has taught me all too well about self-reflection. I, too, offer him the same. We understand and accept the complexities of ourselves, judgement free.

The chances of finding your soul mate are slim to none, but through divine intervention, we were brought together for a specific purpose. The lessons are obvious: love is not a feeling. It is not based off of the tangible gestures of someone else. Love, true love, is acceptance, guidance, and the freedom to allow someone the space to grow. It’s the experience to exist in someone’s life while having the ability to know their soul. My soul mate is my all-time crush. He was created to help me achieve my higher self. In the end, when speaking of purpose, what better trait to have in the love of your life, other than their power to elevate their mate? Because of him, a mundane love will never reside in my life ever again.

Fatima Manson

What’s new with Fatima? “I am enjoying a year of new goals, new love, and reconnecting with myself! This year is all about visions and manifestations, as well as emotional and spiritual growth. I am embracing all things that are working out for my higher good!”

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