My Heart Isn’t Where It Should Be

I am not okay. I can finally admit to myself that I have not been okay for awhile now. I have lived a full life and it has taken its toll. The sacrifices outweigh the successes. Disappointments turn into despair. Anxiety has become a state of being. Slowly but surely, it — all of it […]

Finding My Way

I’ve never been one to set resolutions or to even say, “New Year, New Me” on a Facebook post. I’m not against anyone wanting to reinvent themselves and setting goals at the beginning of the year, but I usually kind of keep those things to myself just in case I don’t follow through. Plus, I […]

Preparing To Move Forward

No matter who you are, April is a transformative month. Winter has officially ended and Spring flowers have begun to bloom. April marks the halfway point of the semester for most traditional students, so they need to start figuring out if they can make up enough points to pass their classes. The Sun has moved […]

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