My Heart Isn’t Where It Should Be

I am not okay. I can finally admit to myself that I have not been okay for awhile now. I have lived a full life and it has taken its toll. The sacrifices outweigh the successes. Disappointments turn into despair. Anxiety has become a state of being. Slowly but surely, it — all of it […]

A New Year Is Nothing To Fear

I’m not angry. I’m not filled with hatred. I am filled to the brim with a sadness that I have not felt in a very long time. Election Night and the days after have left me feeling empty, lost and fearful. Let me be clear: I wasn’t sad that my candidate lost because, honestly, she […]

Lost And Found Faith

As a child, I had perfect faith; that unquestioning, never-doubting love and trust. It was the innocence of a perfect world wrapped in God’s warm hug. Light was everywhere to be my guide. Sure, sometimes I skinned my knee and cried, but I was safe… always saved. I heard whispers of caution from the angel […]

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