New Year, New You?

It’s not just the year that changes, it’s the person. How was 2016 for you? Have you set your new personal resolutions? Did you reflect on your choices and yourself in order to be ready for whatever is coming for you?

Relax. It doesn’t matter. Do not beat yourself up over resolutions, goals and achievements. However, setting milestones, one step at a time, is an inspiration for hope. Things can get better and through self-improvement, things WILL get better! Keep an open mind, know what is going on around you, know yourself, and love yourself: love life!

Of course, change does not come easily. You have to fight for it. You have to earn it. You can do it alone, but you can also do it with other people!

Preparation is the key. Anticipate obstacles and be prepared for them. If you are expecting people at your home, shop for cooking ahead of time because you never know what can happen at the last moment. If you miss a bus, do not worry because you can wait the next one, but you will remember to get to the station early the next time. Every mistake is a lesson making it more likely to accomplish your goals.

Reward yourself for every achievement. If you do not let your success go unnoticed to yourself, others will notice it as well. You completed many workout sessions this month and need a break? A dessert? No problem. Make sure that a reward is waiting for you.

Furthermore if there are things that you wish to change, start with changing yourself… one insignificant thing at a time. Do something different than you usually do. Meet new people, gather with people you know in a place you haven’t gone before, and discuss with them things you do not usually discuss. Gain a different perspective on life. A different perspective makes for a good conversation. In order to know yourself and the world better, it is important to know how others perceive you and the world as well.

Most importantly? Share. You are a part in the society. No person’s intent is to malign you. Many people believe the opposite about you. If you are a good person, do not be afraid to show it. If you have not shown it to them yet, this year is a perfect time to start! Be kind to people, cultivate positivity, be pleasant, and smile! Every grain in the sand builds a castle of unity, love, and hope.

Other people have resolutions for this year as well. Listen to them, and even if you can’t help them –after all, achievements have to challenging and be earned, you can encourage them. People around you can help reinforce your behavior. Be that reinforcement, and others can be for you as well.

This year start cold? No problem. Be a thermostat, not a thermometer. Whereas thermometers reflect the temperature of the environment, thermostats regulate it. Do not just be affected by the ones around you, be the one that affects them as well! To warm and pleasant behavior.

Keep on learning from your experiences and experiences of others. There is always a deeper meaning to your resolutions. You don’t just want to achieve a specific resolution; you want to improve yourself through them. You have learnt a lot, and you will be learning throughout all your life yet, this year, this moment, is as good as any!

New year, new you. Believe in yourself and believe in others that believe in you. Your courage, hope, experience and faith will guide you. All you have to do is believe and work for your goals at the same time! Seize every day that you have, rest in between, do not lose hope, and keep on pushing. Everyone want to hear your success story as you like listening to the stories of others.

Be yourself and accept others as themselves. Be the change you want in the world. Start this year. Your resolutions could be unique, or they could be similar to other people’s, but always remember: This year is unique. You are unique. Submission

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