Prayer For My Best Friend

It is tough to find a good catch nowadays because it seems as if all of the good men are either already married, gay or irrevocably unstable. I happened upon a good one about a year ago at Plucker’s Wing Bar who has given me a spark of hope. Initially, Perry wasn’t anything to write home about, but his character quickly set him apart from most of the men that I meet and he has become my best friend and confidant. A prayer is simply an earnest hope made in faith to a power higher than self, and I pray that my best friend finds a good woman that will appreciate him because he deserves it.

I respect him most because he is a good father. He picks his son up from school Monday through Friday, and spends quality time with him. It is not my place to judge how parents choose to parent, but I come across many men who would rather buy their children new trinkets instead of being there for them emotionally and physically. A healthy balance of the two would be ideal, however, when I think back to my most formidable years, it was the time spent and the lessons learned while being in my father’s presence that made him a king in my eyes. I admire the relationship that Perry has with his son, and I enjoy seeing them together.

The second thing I respect about him is the fact that he puts up with me. I can be a lot to deal with. While I can tolerate discussing light topics and things that don’t matter when viewing them in the scheme of things, my core is spiritual. I am always concerned with the soul and the true nature of relationships. Anytime I begin to pick and prod through his background, he answers as honestly as he can. He doesn’t become defensive and understands that my intentions are good. A deep conversation is like manna to my soul, and I hold on tightly to anyone who is willing to feed me.

I love Perry because he has dealt with his shit (my 2018 New Year’s Resolution will be to stop cursing). We all have shit, and it is difficult to find people who choose to accept the fact that although life has put them in some tough situations, it doesn’t give them the excuse to not grow from it. You will not find him on Instagram in his underwear displaying his penis print, but instead, he has a good job and two side-hustles. He has a solid heart and helps others when he can, but is not a push over. He is a man of his word who never makes excuses. He’s not perfect, but he is humble. And he is really, really funny.

I pray for my best friend to find a good woman who is light. I pray that she listens to him just as patiently as he will to her. Even though she won’t be prettier than me, I hope she is easy on the eyes with nice hair. Looks aren’t the most important thing to consider, but men are visual creatures. I want him to be proud of whomever he decides to give the title to. Most importantly, I want her to value and appreciate him. He deserves it.

I am writing this open prayer for my best friend because I can think of no other way to thank him for his integrity and kindness. Although his Christmas gift to me–ribs that were marinated, seasoned and grilled to perfection–spoke to my soul, there is nothing that trumps praying to a higher power over the ones you love. I am thankful that God has shown me that real men still exist. And until He answers this request, I will do my very best to continue to love/nag him while he is in my life.

Chris Lovett

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