What’s Stopping You?

2016 WOW! What a year! It was full of emotions, both high and low, sad and exciting, love and anger, but I survived it.

My daughter came to us over Skype one day and told us that she wanted to study abroad in Japan for her Junior year. I remember smiling at her when she said it, but crying in the shower once alone. It was one thing to have my only daughter 3 hours away from me but now she was going to be 15 hours ahead of me on another continent. However, I’m glad she is able to take this opportunity and explore different cultures and ways of life while earning school credits. Fortunately, she does know Japanese as well as Spanish and English.

2016 was my year of trusting in myself and allowing God to lead me through. Normally when you go hit a rough patch in life, you may call upon God to help see you thru it. I’ve been there and done that and I wanted more. I am stubborn and sometimes I feel as though I know more about what I should be doing than I actually need to do. Ha, go figure, huh? I had to relinquish all of my worries; anything that was holding me back from allowing myself to think freely and clearly.

One day I sat in the corner of my closet and I asked God to lead me through this journey and take away any doubts and fears that I was having. And He did! Throughout the entire year I saw a LONG hallway with a light at the end of it. That light was my goal. That light represented turning 40 and since my birthday is in December, the long hallway seemed appropriate. I would see visions and shapes of what appeared to be people coming from one door, crossing the hall to another door and never to be seen again. They never looked at me and they were only figures, no actual faces but all the same, I knew what it meant. They represented the people in my life that were no longer crossing paths with me. People that I no longer were to associate myself with – for whatever reason. Some of those same people are the ones that I knew would always be there but as I am now 40, I can tell you that some of them are no longer around. It hurts that a few of them are gone but I believe it is for a reason, and I am okay with that. I believe that not every person is for every season of life.

The most unique resolution I have for 2017 is to continue the one I started in 2015 – my weight loss! I don’t consider it a resolution, but more of a commitment. I called my weight loss journey #Goalto40 because I wanted to hit my goal weight by the time I was 40 years old. I didn’t make my goal but I lost weight, so it was still a win/win in my eyes. I’ll admit that I slacked off at times. But I feel that I can modify my goal and succeed this time around. Just wait and see… I’m going to shock myself this time!

Having lost some weight and turning 40 while celebrating with good friends and family that love me are my accomplishments. Not crying while watching my baby girl walk out of eyesight for her departure flight to Japan was an accomplishment. I won a parking ticket trial by judge and showed them that their system has some flaws to it. That was an exciting accomplishment because it was more about taking a stand when I knew I didn’t do anything wrong. A win for all the little people!

I have BIG goals for 2017 and I strongly believe that if I work on the main one, the rest will fall into place. Can you guess what it is? Changing my mindset! It’s time for an overhaul and cleansing. I have to lose the mindset that I can’t do something alone. Especially the simple things like go to the movies, go out to eat and networking. I have to change my mindset of not liking carrots and instead ask myself, “Why do I not like carrots?” Change my mindset and ask myself, “Why am I not doing squats during the commercials of shows?” After I ask the question, do the damn squat during the next commercial. It’s all in my mind and as long as I allow myself to hold myself back, I will never reach my goal or get where I want to go. I am the BIGGEST challenge holding myself back from success.

Though we’ve only been in this new year for a few days, I’m looking forward to having a prosperous and successful event in May, Always Mothers Luncheon 2017,  and the safe return of my daughter from Japan. I look forward to making more memories and having fun with my immediate family and close friends, and planning a trip back home to New York. Professionally, I’m enjoying the new business relationships and connections that I’ve made, new business concepts I’ve learned, and I am looking forward to the continued growth of my company, Always Assisting U!

My word for 2017 is HAPPINESS!

I plan to be happy, share happiness and demand happiness as I’m well overdue in that area. I do believe that my happiness lies within me and I will achieve it, especially with my upcoming mindset change. My mind is a wonderful tool and a big disappointment all at the same time. However, I choose it to be one of my greatest accomplishments because just as I am nervous to step out and write this blog, I had to get over it. Writing is supposed to be therapeutic and if I allow myself to hold me back, I’m stopping my growth thru therapy. Again, a change of my mindset.

Daphne Anderson

www.alwaysassistingu.com, Facebook: AlwaysAssistingU, Instagram: AlwaysAssistingU, Twitter: iam_DaphneA

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